"NJ LEEP has been a tremendous asset to my child. I hope and pray that in the near future, I can repay to NJ LEEP all the skills, confidence, etc. that the program has instilled in my daughter."  --NJ LEEP Parent. "I remain firm in my sentiment toward NJ LEEP and its impact on my child’s life, attitude and achievements. I am renewing my commitment to give time and effort in the oversight needed to help my child reach the greatest potential possible."  --NJ LEEP Parent. "I am very proud to have my niece in the NJ LEEP Program. It gave her the confidence to excel and also be a role model to her brother."  --NJ LEEP Parent.

“At the New Jersey Law Education Empowerment Program…I hear you guys are connecting students with internships and mentors from local law firms.  I was a lawyer — you do know that.  And that was one thing I wish I had done, I never worked in a law firm before.  This is such great experience, because you’ll have some idea what you’re doing when you go to law school.”

- First Lady Michelle Obama

NJ LEEP is the 2014 Winner of the New York Life Excellence in Summer Learning Award!

What is NJ LEEP?

NJ LEEP, Inc. was founded in 2006 to empower youth from underserved neighborhoods in northern New Jersey to greater educational achievement through a three-fold focus on skills, habits, and exposure. NJ LEEP focuses upon combining law-related education programming with college access programming.

Grades 9-12:

NJ LEEP facilitates an out-of-school time College Bound Program that works with students continuously throughout all four years of high school. The College Bound Program takes place after school, on Saturdays and over the summer. Through programs such as Life Skills, Saturday Grammar and Writing Class, Constitutional Law Debates, SAT Preparation and College Application Programming, NJ LEEP students learn both the hard academic and social-emotional skills necessary to succeed at the nations top colleges and universities. 100% of program graduates have enrolled in college and 85% are currently enrolled.

College & Beyond:

100% of graduates of NJ LEEP’s College Bound Program have enrolled in college. NJ LEEP provides pre-law counseling, adjustment support, scholarships, and other support to these students.

2015 Diversity Gala

May 11, 2015

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Presenting Special Honors for Stellar Corporate Leadership in the Promotion of Diversity to…


Barclays Legal

Please join us for our Annual Gala as Bob Hoyt, Barclays Group General Counsel
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Celebrate NJ LEEP’s recent success:
100% College Acceptance Rate for High School Seniors
First Program Alumni Class Graduating College
National Summer Learning Association Excellence in Summer Learning Award
American Bar Association Alexander Award for Excellence in the Educational Pipeline
Recognition by First Lady Michelle Obama for College Preparation Success

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