Legal Education & Mentoring Program


Sophomores, juniors and seniors participate in a Constitutional Law Program and three Constitutional Law Debate competitions held throughout the school year. 

Debates help our students develop the oral advocacy skills and self-confidence they will need to become successful in college and their professional lives. 

Students are required to submit a written brief and give oral arguments to panels of attorneys and law students acting as judges. Each participant has five minutes to deliver an oral argument, and then fields questions from judges for five minutes.


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Mentors are paired with students to help them prepare for each debate. Mentors often meet with students informally throughout the year to deepen the personal connection and offer the caring support of an accomplished adult. 

One of the primary goals of the mentor-mentee relationship is to help our students feel comfortable asking for help. Our Mentoring Program has proved invaluable to our students; many students continue to work with their Mentors after high school  towards their goal of college graduation and starting careers.

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For more information about our Legal Education and Mentoring Program, contact Claire Dragon at or 973-297-1555, ext. 208.