Family Engagement

“I’m a single parent. I struggle and do what I have to do to take care of my kids. NJ LEEP has become my second arm, a second parent to me and my kids. NJ LEEP has been the foundation that we need.”
—Sherma Byer, Parent

NJ LEEP believes that family involvement greatly influences student outcomes. 

Family Engagement initiatives are woven into the fabric of the College Bound Program. Under the leadership of the Dean of Family Engagement, the goal of the Family Engagement Program is to create a seamless pathway for NJ LEEP parents to support their children through college graduation. 



Research has shown that for many communities, trusting relationships between families, educators, and students are more important than parents simply showing up at school.

We emphasize building trust with families, and empowering families with greater levels of buy-in, skills, and confidence in being involved in their child’s education. NJ LEEP families are fully involved in the conversation about college access and career exploration, and are encouraged to take leadership and ownership.

For more information about our Family Engagement Program, contact Sergio Seijas, Dean of Family Engagement, at or 973-297-1555, ext. 202.