2018-19 Constitutional Law Debate Program Mentor Mid-Year Survey

1. On average, how much time did you spend with your Mentee to prepare for debates?
2. Did you help your Mentee prepare via:
3. Did you help your Mentee with his/her
4. Has your Mentee been responsive and timely while communicating with you?
6. Do you feel your Mentee's debate performance has improved since you began working together or since the last debate?
11. Would you be interested in Mentor-Mentee activities during the summer?
12. Overall, how would you rate the debate materials for this cycle?
13. How would you rate your relationship with your Mentee so far?
14. How would you rate your experience as a Mentor?
15. Would your recommend NJ LEEP to another Attorney Mentor or Volunteer?
17. Please indicate the grade/year of your mentee.