Program & Community Events

Fall Harvest Community Event

monday, november 19th 

A wonderful community gathering for our students, families, volunteers, board members, and community partners. All funds raised from this event support our Family Engagement Program. 

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Debate Coaching Sessions

570 Broad Street / Newark

wednesday, november 28th & THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH /  4pM-6PM

Join us as a volunteer to help our high school students prepare their oral arguments for the first debate of the year. 

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Constitutional Law Debate

Seton Hall Law School / Newark

friday, november 30th /  6pM-8PM

Join us as a volunteer attorney judge at our first debate of the year!

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Resume Workshop & Mock Interviews with NJ LEEP Juniors

570 Broad Street / Newark

monday, february 25th & tuesday, february 26TH /  4pM-6PM

Join us as a volunteer to help our high school juniors revise their resumes and practice their interviewing skills.

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Program Open House

570 Broad Street / Newark

thursday, march 28 /  4pM-6PM

Join us to see our programs in action! Meet current students and see first-hand how the NJ LEEP mission is translated into action! Guests will have an opportunity to observe Life Skills, Constitutional Law, ACT, and college application classes.

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Take a Tour

Want to learn more about our students? Take a tour of our programming! Contact Claire Dragon at or 973-297-1555, ext. 208 for more details and to set up a tour.

Debater of the Year Competition - April 7, 2018
Check out the photos!

Abdul, Jocelyn, Jordan, and Toibat competed in the finals in front of New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Anne Patterson, Kathleen Boozang, Dean of Seton Hall Law School, and Craig Silliman, General Counsel of Verizon. More than 100 family members, Attorney Mentors, and volunteers joined us to cheer on our students. Congratulations to all of our students for a wonderful debate program this year and to Abdul, our Debater of the Year!