The LEEP Journey: Senior Year

Amy-Ann has found out she was accepted to Swarthmore College with a full scholarship!

Amy-Ann has found out she was accepted to Swarthmore College with a full scholarship!

"I know that I will have the support of my LEEP peers and the
LEEP staff throughout college and long after. NJ LEEP means that I will receive a lifetime of care and concern from people who are just as excited about what my future holds as I am."

-Amy-Ann Edziah
NJ LEEP Class of 2018

Amy-Ann is sharing her NJ LEEP journey in her own words. Just this month, she was accepted to Swarthmore College with a full scholarship! To learn more about Amy-Ann, read her Personal Statement or Questbridge Essay

My life has been a series of unexpected events that have challenged me to be bold and to persevere. Objectively, I have not experienced a comfortable childhood or life in general. Subjectively, my childhood was perfect because it made me the fiercely resilient person I am today. Over time, I have overcome the fear of being different and the discomfort of being less socioeconomically privileged than those around me. I have become a confident, unique person with the ability to rise to any challenge.

 In all honesty, I had no interest in joining NJ LEEP as an 8th grader. My mother kept telling me to go to the interview for Summer Law Institute and after completing the program, I was surprised by how much I had learned and how much fun I had. I knew it was special that as a high school freshman, I was visiting Goldman Sachs and American Express.

 Similarly, when I began senior year, I had never heard of Swarthmore College, the 3rd best liberal arts college in the country. Ms. G encouraged me to apply, and this month I found out that I was matched to the college through the Questbridge program, meaning I now have a full, four-year scholarship!

 Since I began the program four years ago, I have most appreciated the atmosphere at NJ LEEP. From the moment I walk in the door until class is over, I feel the love that exists between everyone in the program. At LEEP, people are laughing, smiling, sharing their day, talking about their goals, and even the things that are stressing them out. It is easy to forget that I have come to LEEP to work when I see the faces of my energetic friends and the enthusiastic staff members; it feels more like I have arrived at my second home. 

Amy-Ann with her fellow seniors on their last NJ LEEP retreat.

Amy-Ann with her fellow seniors on their last NJ LEEP retreat.

At the beginning of the College Application Program (CAP), I was really struggling to take risks. Writing my personal statement opened my eyes to just how much I have accomplished and it gave me permission to believe in myself a little more. Seeing my peers applying to competitive colleges encouraged me to do the same. Every year I study more and more, and I have learned that life only gets harder as you go along. In order to meet increasingly difficult challenges, you have to boost your preparation.

 I am very excited to go to Swarthmore because I appreciate their commitment to diversity and inclusion. I want college to be an eye-opening experience where I learn more every day. In the future, I hope to find myself in a place where my education can be used to help someone else. I want to travel the world as a physician, healing those who may have been forgotten. I hope in that way I can be a role model for people in my community who may be doubting the power they have to change the world.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story and for your support of NJ LEEP.
Because of you, I am
confident I will conquer every challenge I face throughout my life.

 - Amy-Ann Edziah, NJ LEEP Class of 2018,

Swarthmore College Class of 2022

With your support and Amy-Ann's hard work, 
we know she will succeed!


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